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Our sales escrow service is built upon a single principle; A simple escrow fee for your escrow transaction. We specialize in:

* Residential

* Commercial

* Multi-unit properties

* Short sales

* For sale by owner

* Investment properties


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Competitive Simple Pricing

We know what will make your life easier. A low, competitive, accurate fee for escrow that you can count on at closing.

We don't charge junk fees*.

escrow wire feesNo email fees.  escrow storage feesNo storage fees 
escrow prep feesNo green fees  escrow storage feesNo archive fees 
escrow prep feesNo Processing fees 

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Experienced Officers

With 50 years of combined experience our escrow team is continuously educating themselves through escrow associations and internal training.

Strong Communicators

We pride ourselves on positive and efficient communications, both internally and with our customers.

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Our Escrow Digital Advantage

Mobile Apps for EscrowConnect with Anchor Escrow, Inc. on any smart phone or tablet.

iPad, Android, Facebook or Google+ Anchor Escrow, Inc. services and your escrow agent are ready to connect with you, wherever and whenever you are ready.

Sales Escrow Process

Sales Escrow Process Image

The escrow process involves the timely execution of multiple documents through multiple parties. This visual map depicts how the process works for a sales escrow and how Anchor Escrow, Inc can help you succeed.