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Anchor Escrow, Inc. focuses on building our service around loan officers and real estate agents. We have created a proven process supported with technology to make it fast and efficient, always putting you in control with real time information and communications.

The Anchor Escrow, Inc.'s team has over 30 years of experience in serving Southern California community. We took our team's decades worth of knowledge and created a best of class escrow service that is supported by our online services. All of our efforts are geared to give you the confidence and security that your clients will have a smooth and successful escrow process.

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Unpredictable escrow fees are one of the key reasons buyers and sellers become disappointed with their home purchase or refinance. Our easy to calculate fee takes this question mark out of the equation, giving your clients the security of no suprises at escrow signing. Create Your Escrow Fee Estimate with our online Escrow Fee calculator


Always there whenever and wherever you need us. In person, by phone, email, or the Internet we're always here for you.


The combination of technology, experience and commitment gives you the confidence that we can and will deliver.


 Anchor Escrow, Inc.'s Team

Pamela Waymire
With a 4.0 GPA in Escrow Education Pamela continues her growth as an Escrow Association member. Pamela, specializes in refinances, sales, REO's, short sales, private loans, bulk sales, exchanges and FSBO's.
Pamela Waymire
Cheryl Schau
Cheryl has worked in the mortgage and escrow industry for the past 5 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.
Cheryl Schau
Irma Telmi
Irma has been processing escrows in San Diego County for over 7 years. Trained on the technical as well as lesser known process nuances of mortgage escrow.
Irma Telmi